There are many well-known types of outdoor advertising used at the point of sale: pennants, flags, banners.

Nowadays, however, these types of advertising are rarely eye-catching, and have neither an environmental benefit, nor create a positive image transfer. The 9m2 rotor area of our advertising wind turbine „BRANDS4E WW1”, spread over three rotor blades, serves as usable advertising space. The wind sets the rotor in a vertical turning motion, and the electric generator ensures that your advertising message is always clearly visible.

The energy generated by the rotation can either be fed into the power grid or used locally, e.g. for self-illumination of the turbine by LEDs. This way, our „BRANDS4E WW1“ can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Our advertising wind turbine not only provides you with eye-catching outdoor advertising; it also conveys a positive image, which you render repeatably usable and tangible through additional use.